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Zebra TC8300 Mobile Computer


The Zebra TC8300 is not your average handheld mobile computer. It doesn't look like the competition or operate like them, and it is these qualities that Zebra hope make the TC8300 unique within the industry, in an attempt to revolutionise warehouse barcode scanning. The Zebra TC8300 takes into account all of the usual requirements of a mobile terminal to be used in a warehouse; it's extremely rugged, has great battery life and contains all the features an operator would need to perform daily warehouse tasks. But where it differs is that the TC8300 claims to address the most important issue faced by operators and in doing so will boost operator productivity by 14% on average.


After speaking to users, Zebra claim to have identified an area where productivity can be boosted simply by changing the ergonomics of the handheld computer used to carry out transactions. The TC8300 minimises motion by using an innovative scan angle, which eliminates the need to tilt a device to see the screen. This simple change is claimed to reduce wrist motion by 55% and reduce muscle effort by 15%, which all adds to boost the productivity of operators. The TC8300 is around 33% lighter than other handheld mobile computers, further reducing the strain on operators.


Rugged And Ready For Your Warehouse

The super-rugged design is built for the most challenging warehouse environments. With extreme impact ratings, the TC8300 operates reliably, even after 2,000 consecutive hits when tumbling and multiple 8ft/2.4m drops to concrete. The TC8300 is sealed to IP65 rating, ready to handle jetting water and dust, and easily moves between extreme temperature environments, ideal for those working outside or in cold storage environments.


Triple-Shift Battery Power And Unsurpassed Battery Management

Boasting the largest battery in it's class, the TC8300 has ample power to cover three shifts. The PowerPrecision+ battery also provides extensive battery metrics that make it easy to spot and retire ageing batteries that can no longer hold a full charge. Additionally, the battery can be changed in seconds, without powering down the unit.


Full Touchscreen With Onscreen Keyboard

Using industry leading touchscreen technology, the TC8300 allows workers to input data and interact with apps, using fingers, a stylus and even a gloved fingers. No need to decide which keyboard configuration to have or how many buttons you need. The onscreen keyboard can be configured to meet the needs of your individual workers or applications, making the TC8300 a truly future proof solution. Additionally, problems with the keyboard failing or becoming damaged are eliminated.


Enterprise-class Android

Mobility Extensions (Mx) transforms Android™ to an Enterprise-class OS (Operating System), providing superior security, device management and data capture capabilities.


Easily Transform "Green Screens" To Elegant Touch Screens

All-touch TE gives the front end of your Terminal Emulation apps a smart and intuitive touch interface, automatically, with your legacy TE green screens available to workers at the press of a button if required. Create custom keyboards for different application screens to simplify data entry and all-touch TE is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, ready to boost productivity out of the box.


For more information on the new Zebra TC8300 or to arrange a demonstration of the unit, please contact us on 01200 441977.


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