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Stock Putaway


Putaway is the process of storing product into stock locations following goods receipt. Dexterity WMS allows you to create the most efficient putaway system for your warehouse. This means that a set of specific warehouse rules can be put in place that will be followed by operators, guided by the WMS. Similar products can be grouped in the same location, bays can be located above the pickface and empty locations can be in the same aisle.



Having a more streamlined putaway strategy reduces putaway time and increases accuracy and order pick efficiency. No more having to remember where stock is or losing that vital piece of paper. Dexterity WMS looks after all the putaway data and simply guides operators to the correct location using an easy to read screen.


Dexterity WMS putaway is the action of putting product away into stock locations following goods receiving, e.g. racking, slots, bins, floor areas etc. The putaway function in Dexterity WMS is configurable and generally rules-driven and is normally managed by the scanning of barcodes on the putaway goods and the racking locations.


Using WiFi Mobile terminals means that all putaway activity is recorded in real-time and verified, as the operator will scan the location barcode on the rack or bin to confirm that he has arrived at the correct location.

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