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Order Picking


Directed order picking makes operator errors a thing of the past. By using the lastest WiFi computers to direct operators to the correct location and using barcodes to confirm location and item, picking errors are effectively eliminated.



Order picking is automated by Dexterity WMS via Dexterity Order Management software combined with portable RF terminals. Dexterity guides the picker to the correct locations, so that he may pick the various different lines of the order. Products are scanned when picked and validated against the sales order or shipment. This eliminates incorrectly picked items and ensure the customer receives an accurately picked order.


With Dexterity WMS you define the rules, from simple picking parameters, e.g. single order, FIFO, pick route optimisation, to more sophisticated functions like picking for carrier runs, mixed containers, pick batches/bulk pallets, zone picking, multiple pickers per zone, assign specific pickers and auto-allocate next order allocations.


For more information on the functionality and suitability of Dexterity WMS for your business, please contact our consultants.

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