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Goods Receiving


Dexterity WMS provides a real-time solution for the receipt of goods coming into the warehouse against purchase orders. The receiving process automates and validates the receipt of incoming goods and wherever possible, barcodes are used to ensure the integrity of the data being input into the system. Dexterity WMS can manage both customer returns and container deliveries to streamline all your goods receiving transactions.



Dexterity WMS relies on a barcode driven system to track products and raw materials through the warehouse.  As goods are received into the warehouse, WiFi mobile computers are used to scan the received stock and automatically match it to the purchase order record. If your suppliers do not already deliver pallets with unique pallet ID, Dexterity WMS can be configured to automatically generate and print a barcoded label on receipt of the goods.


Container Management and Inbound Deliveries

Dexterity WMS has the capability to efficiently automate the receipt of containers and combined inbound deliveries, to enable their complete and accurate receipt into the warehouse. An ASN (autonomous system number) or Container Receipt Document is produced from the PC utility, which contains barcodes to promote optimal efficiency within the supply chain. The container barcode is scanned in, as goods are unloaded from the container. Products are automatically allocated to all the relevant purchase orders, eliminating paper sorting and manual allocation of line items to purchase orders.


Customer Returns

Dexterity WMS simplifies customer returns, improves customer service and streamlines validation, QC status and relocation of returned items to the warehouse. When goods are received at the warehouse, Dexterity can be used to print a customer return note (with barcodes), which can be scanned to start the returns process. This ensures the goods are verified against the return to make sure the returned items are as agreed with the customer. There is an option to flag customer returned items that require "QC Approval" before being accepted as usuable stock for picking.


Features of the returns procedure that can be managed using Dexterity WMS include:


  • Damaged goods can be quarantined and dealt with promptly for repackaging or disposal
  • Quickly identify re-usable stock, so that it can be relocated for order picking
  • Create the customer return in your ERP
  • Define customer return reasons
  • Quality control hodl goods for inspevction prior to putaway
  • Manage returns using unique RMA references


For more information on the functionality and suitability of Dexterity WMS for your business, please contact our consultants.

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