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Datamax -O'Neil I-Class


Datamax-O'Neil I-Class


Datamax-O'Neil have re-engineered the barcode label printer to create the new Datamax-O'Neil I-Class. Other printer manufacturers have become complacent when bringing out new printer models, but Datamax-O'Neil have created the next generation in smart, cost-effective barcode label printers using the latest technological advancements, yet keeping your business firmly in mind.


The revolutionary technology inside this printer will enhance your business in the following ways:

  • Longer time between printhead replacement - durable coating sees printhead life increased
  • Reduced down time - user fittable printhead; can be changed in under 3 minutes!
  • Better print quality - pixel technology ensures best barcode print every time, meaning no more rejected labels!

Whatever your existing barcode label printer, the I-Class will automatically integrate with both your software and labels and ribbons - whether they're currently Datamax-O'Neil or not.


We're offering the chance for you to experience this exciting new barcode label printer first hand with our "try before you buy" deal - no strings attached! Call 01200 441977 for your free trial - today!



The Hidden Cost of Barcode Label Printing

Download our handy data sheet, or read below for more information about the hidden costs associated with barcode label printing and how the Datamax-O'Neil I-Class reduces these costs.


There are hidden costs within barcode label printing, that do not come across in simple hardware quotations. Yes, it's important to get a printer at a good price, but what about the costs of running the printer over the years to come? The new I-Class printer addresses these future costs and offers solutions that make these printers affordable in both the short- and long-term.


The first cost saving comes from printheads. One thing that must be understood is that, like label and ribbons, printheads are going to need replacing - they are a consumable and their failure over time is inevitable. However, the length of time the printhead runs for is where the cost saving comes in. The I-Class printhead has been designed to have an additional layer of durable coating, which increases abrasion resistance and therefore keeps print quality higher for longer. Plus with IntelliSEAQ technology embedded within the head, the individual pixels are adjusted to provide just the right amount of heat for the print job, preserving the life of the printhead and giving impeccable print every time. No more delayed/returned goods - or worse, fines from customers - because the barcode couldn't be read.


Additionally, the printhead and platen roller are user changeable - with a helpful YouTube video to guide the user through the process. The cost of getting an engineer to fit a printhead is around £135.00 and the cost of waiting for the printhead to be fitted is eliminated - an immediate saving made with the new I-Class. And believe us, we've tried it out on some of our non-printer savvy office ladies, who still managed to change the head in under 5 minutes!


The second area of cost saving, comes from the reduced power consumption of the printer. The I-Class uses 61% less power than a competitor printer - a great energy saving for years to come and looks great for your green credentials!


"But I have an existing population of Zebra printers!" we hear you say "My software is written in a language that only works with Zebra printers!" Don't worry, the I-Class has the ability to use ZPL, EPL and IPL (compatible with Zebra, Eltron and Intermec printers) and can take media that is both inside and outside wound, so there's no need to buy new ribbons or labels to go in the new printer or change your software. Changing to the new I-Class couldn't be easier or better for your business!


To take up our "Try Before You Buy" offer on the new Datamax-O'Neil I-Class Mark II contact Nigel Holloway on 01200 441977.


Features at a glance:

  • OPTIMedia reduces set-up time by enabling the printer to automatically adjust to optimum heat and speed setting to produce the best print quality
  • 61% lower power consumption than other printers in its category
  • The ECO IntellliSEAQ® printhead has durable coating, better abrasion resistance, and longer life
  • Wide access to the printhead makes the I-Class Mark II easy to maintain
  • Rugged construction features a gear-driven design and durable die-cast aluminium frame
  • Includes a 7 button 128x64, back lit graphical display, that is easy to read, enabling user-friendly label configuration set-up


The new Datamax-O'Neil I-Class is available in 3 different models with varying print resolutions; I-4212 (203dpi), I-4310 (300dpi) and I-4606 (600dpi).


Popular Applications include:

  • Manufacturing; asset tracking, finished goods marking, agency labels and case labels
  • Food and Beverage; high resolution labelling, expiration dates and time stamps, product identification and shipping labels
  • Transportation and Logistics; cross docking, sorting centers, shipping labels and pallet tracking
  • Pharmaceuticals; compliance labels, product identification, track and trace and pick lists.


For more information on the Datamax-O'Neil I-Class printer or to arrange a free trial of the printer, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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