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Success Stories - Sony DADC


In 2011, Sony DADC made the decision to upgrade the data capture hardware within their London based Distribution Centre and asked long-standing partner Barcode-IT to make recommendations based on their current needs. Unfortunately, after installation the new equipment was destroyed in the DC fire during the London Riots in August. Sony DADC again turned to Barcode-IT to help get their operation back up and running and offer advice on how best to equip their new, larger facility.



Sony DADC were looking to update their data capture hardware, which included some old Casio hand held terminals and Psion 8000 series forklift truck computers that used a basic DOS green screen and offered limited user interactivity. Following detailed testing, Sony chose to replace these units with DLoG MTC 6/10 fork lift truck computers, which offer a full Windows operating system and an extremely rugged outer case. The DLoG MTC computers were paired with Motorola LS3408 scanners to facilitate the scanning of items when being picked or putaway.


Unfortunately, all the new DLoG and Motorola units were lost in the fires caused during the London Riots, as well as Sony's fleet of printers and handheld data capture terminals. In the wake of the fire, Barcode-IT helped Sony to get back up and running at their temporary warehouse in Corsham as quickly as possible. Over the next few months, Barcode-IT supplied over 100 Datalogic Memor data capture terminals, Datalogic Gryphon scanners, DLoG MTC 6/10 forklift truck computers and Printronix T4M printers.

Capitalising on the need to rebuild their distribution centre, Sony DADC took the opportunity to increase the size and height of their warehouse and racking. Using VNA (very narrow aisle) forklifts to facilitate efficient movement around the aisles of the warehouse meant that space in the cab was at a premium. As the DLoG MTC is able to have an on-screen keyboard, it meant that more room was available within the cab. Additionally, Carl Cooper at Sony DADC saw other benefits from not having a physical keyboard attached to the fork lift truck computers:


"The DLoG MTC computers are a great asset within our new distribution centre. Previously, the physical keyboards connected to the fork lift terminals failed, which cost us time and money. The DLoG computers have an on-screen keyboard, which is a huge advantage to us." - Carl Cooper, UK IT Operations Manager at Sony DADC.


As well as the hardware, Barcode-IT supplied Wavelink Avalanche on the DLoG computers, which enables Sony to deploy mission-critical updates to the devices simply and without interruption to workflow. Wavelink Avalanche offers users a variety of deployment methods, giving flexibility to IT staff. Additionally, Sony use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) sessions, which are used for communication between the Terminal Server and the Terminal Server Client, to connect to the Microsoft operating system on the DLoG computers.


The installation of the DLoG MTC 6/10 computers combined with Motorola LS3408 scanners has been a great success. The failure rate of the units has been so low over the last 2 years that only one instance of a DLoG computer being returned has been recorded, whereas previous physical keyboard failures accounted for 70-80% of all failures causing considerable down time.


How it started

Sony DADC have been a customer of Barcode-IT for well over a decade. Over the years, Barcode-IT have provided Sony with advice on printers, scanners, data capture terminals and forklift truck terminals and this on-going relationship means that Sony are able to implicitly trust the advice given by Barcode-IT.


Sony DADC is a leading disc and digital solution provider for the entertainment, education and information industries, offering world-class optical media replication services, digital and physical supply chain solutions and software services. The company’s network consists of service offices, optical media production, distribution and digital facilities in 19 countries worldwide.


Want to know more about the individual components used by Sony DADC? Click on the pictures below for more information.


Sony DADC Project Parts

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