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Success Stories - Octavian Wines


When you are responsible for storing 8 million bottles of the world's finest wine 100ft underground in a converted stone mine, it is of vital importance to be able to find and account for each and every bottle at a moment's notice. To make this possible, Octavian Wines with the help of Barcode-IT, have implemented a sophisticated mobile solution to track and easily identify every bottle.



"When you're managing 8 million bottles of fine wine, it is important to have a system that offers 100% accuracy. The Barcode-IT system ensures that our pickers are locating the correct wine and picking with 100% accuracy."

Cert Octavian - Corsham Wine Cellars

Barcode-IT has helped to implement a Zebra mobile solution, which used barcodes, mobile terminals and printers, to receive wines, take stock and pick orders in the cellars. Using a WiFi enabled mobile application, Octavian Wines are able to use mobile devices throughout the cellars and ensure perfect accuracy.


Application Overview

Octavian Wines use Zebra TC70 mobile WiFi computers and Zebra QLn mobile label printers to manage the wine stocks.  The TC70s are used to receive new wines into the store, move wines from one location to another and ship wines all around the world.  However, most of the wine never leaves the store, with the change in ownership only resulting in a new stock label and a change of location in the store.


Zebra QLn 420




Octavian Wines are a leading provider in Premium Products Logistics and bonded wine storage. Octavian Vaults offers a fine wine storage service directly to Private Collectors and Investors at their unique world renowned Corsham Cellars, 100 ft below the hills of Wiltshire.

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