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Friday 17th June 2016


Harrison Spinks Beds Replace Zebra Printers With New Sato CLNX


Harrison Spinks Beds, based in Leeds, have been using Zebra ZM400 printers since 2008. Originally chosen for their robust design and reliability, the Zebra printers have performed well within their manufacturing environment over the years. However, when Harrison Spinks came to add to their fleet in March 2016, other options had to be considered due to the Zebra ZM400 being made obsolete in 2014.


After looking at numerous different printers, Harrison Spinks concluded that the Sato CLNX offered them the best value for money, combining a great price point with a feature-rich, rugged printer.


As raw ZPL was being sent to the printer via Harrison Spink's Print Management Tool, some modifications needed to be made to the printer configuration, but after initial testing of a loan unit, Harrison Spinks were satisfied that the Sato CLNX offered a more than satisfactory replacement for their Zebra printers.


Since purchasing the initial unit in March, Harrison Spinks have since added an additional 5 Sato CLNX units to their Zebra population. When asked why they were so happy with the Sato CLNX, Joe Driscoll, IT Manager at Harrison Spinks simply said;


"It's a solid machine and it just worked!"


Since Barcode-IT began loaning out Sato CLNX printer earlier this year, we have not yet had one returned unsold, which goes to show exactly how impressive these new printer are. For more information on the Sato CLNX click here or call Nigel Holloway on 01200 441977 to arrange your loan unit today.





Thursday 7th April 2016


Advantech-DLoG end OEM relationship with Psion


Advantech-DLoG have ended their long-term relationship with Psion, who were recently bought out by Zebra Technologies. Psion have successfully sold OEM versions of Advantech-DLoG mobile computers for many years, but since the cessation of the brand, the relationship has ended.


This leaves users of Psion OEM vehicle mount terminals in a bit of a predicament, as Zebra may not be able to offer a certified servicing/repair solution and there is obviously no direct Psion upgrade path.


As a DLoG certified partner and repair centre, Barcode-IT are well placed to offer advice and support on these ageing terminals. We can offer replacement products, including the new V7210 and V8310 mobile computers, which boast superior ruggedness and increased capabilities than earlier Psion models like the 8585 and 8595.


Additionally, Barcode-IT can repair Psion VMTs in house or send them back to DLoG in Germany for more complex repairs. For a full range of service options, including contracts and adhoc servicing, contact Nigel Holloway on 01200 441977.

For more information on DLoG products, visit our dedicated pages.

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