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    Do your data capture devices lose WiFi signal in areas of your warehouse? Are your
    workers frustrated by slow connection to the host system when picking or packing? Is
    this costing your business money and reducing the number of orders processed per
    day? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may need to investigate your
    wireless network infrastructure.

    The wireless infrastructure within your operation is integral to the efficient running of
    your business. If your WiFi network is not set up correctly or does not provide
    adequate coverage, you may encounter slowness or loss of connection when perform-
    ing warehouse operations.

    Our wireless networking expert can come to site and perform a wireless survey in your
    warehouse, with your devices, to highlight any issues within your current system. Or if
    you need to upgrade or are moving to a new premises, let us provide the hardware
    and expertise to ensure coverage throughout your operation.

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