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Advantech-DLoG MTC 6/10 Fork Truck Computers


Advantech-DLoG MTC 6/10 mobile "fully loaded" computers are rugged PCs with wireless connections for forklift trucks and other professional vehicles or as fixed position terminals. Precision German engineering ensures that these industrial computers are fully certified for all types of harsh environments.



The MTC 6/10 is the latest Advantech-DLoG development. This industrial computer is equipped with new features that increase efficiency and safety in logistics. By default, the MTC 6 is equipped with a Diversity antenna for WLAN. The MTC 6/10 is suitable for around 95% of all warehouse and distribution fork lift truck mounted terminal requirements. 


At a glance, standard features include:

  • The ability to work in -30°C freezing temperatures in cold stores and freezers and up to +50°C environments
  • Push-to-talk feature through Advantech-DLoG Voice Kit, providing integrated communication with vehicle operators
  • Powerful processor and Windows XP Embedded for user applications or thin client
  • Dedicated 2GB solid state storage for rugged industrial environments
  • Multiple USB ports for attaching standard peripherals, for example barcode readers and scanners


WLAN Diversity antennas
These provide "true" space diversity, as there are two integrated, spatially separated WLAN antennas. Space diversity offers the advantage that the data connection remains safe and reliable, even in fast roaming situations such as when fitted to fork trucks.

Push-To-Talk - Advantech-DLoG Voice Kit
Fast communication is the basis for reliable, error-free performance in the warehouse and logistics applications. Equipped with a handset microphone that connects easily to the terminal, the Advantech-DLoG Voice Kit makes it simple for employees to communicate, whether to co-ordinate individual work steps more easily or to quickly request additional information from control. The Advantech-DLoG voice kit offers clear advantages, including no additional equipment such as walky-talkies, needs to be purchased or maintained as the infrastructure for this is already in place (WLAN) and the MTC 6 provides the voice support needed.

Integrated speakers

The standard built-in speakers support acoustic-coupled confirmation during picking tasks; both confirmation from the system (confirmed, error, etc.) as a beep but also audio-oriented signals are supported by the built-in speakers. When using the Advantech-DLoG voice kit, either the speakers built into the MTC 6 can be used or the speaker in the handset.

LED display
As one of the first manufacturers of industrial PCs, Advantech-DLoG equip the 10" MTC 6 with a standard LED display. This new display technology provides the advantages of better legibility of content, better contrast and longer service life, as well as being immune to temperature variations.

WLAN Standard 802.11n
The MTC 6 supports the new WLAN "n" standard as a standard feature, in addition to current standards a/b/g. The specific advantage of the "n" standard, an increase in transmission rates is already available with the Advantech-DLoG MTC 6.

Higher serviceability
TheAdvantech- DLoG MTC 6 brings new features that make it very easy to integrate the industrial PC into everyday administration.

  • Advantech-DLoG Config Tool: This administration software by Advantech-DLoG supports the setup of the terminal and the performance of small everyday tasks such as configuring the automatic switch-off, setting up the WLAN configuration, optionally displaying these configurations for the user, running queries on system properties and status, and so on.
  • Service USB: Both when setting up the system and in everyday work, the system's USB interface is easily accessible. Although this would appear to be in conflict with the IP protection of the overall system, we have built in an extremely efficient solution to get to a USB interface (the Advantech-DLoG service USB) quickly and easily.
  • Cable cover concept: Independent laboratories continually certify that Advantech-DLoG industrial PCs deliver what our data sheets promise. That applies to the terminals IP protection too. The protection applies to the overall system, from whichever direction the moisture (rain, cleaners, spilled drinks, etc.) or contamination (dust, small objects, ashes, etc.) contacts the computer - its IP protection is guaranteed. This concept is consistently implemented, for example by the Advantech-DLoG cable cover protecting the I/O ports. The concept has been completely reworked, so mounting the cover is simpler, supporting efficiency in your processes.

Slimmer design
The MTC has a flatter shape, which is beneficial in installations where a large 10" display is needed but space is still restricted.

Certified at freezing temperatures and extremely high temperatures
Our housing design makes the operation of our industrial PCs reliable even at extreme temperatures. Whether low temperatures in the freezer area or high temperatures outdoors or in production. Fast temperature changes - such as when a vehicle moves from outdoor sun into the freezer - were given special consideration during development; even under these harsh environmental conditions, our PCs support your processes safely and reliably.


For more information on these rugged fork truck computers or to arrange a demonstration, please contact one of our consultants.

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