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Mobile Computers and Terminals


Barcode-IT offer a full range of industry leading, mobile data capture products and solutions to improve productivity and reduce errors within your business, and with 25 years in the industry, we have the experience to help you select and implement the right system for your business.


Choosing Data Capture Hardware


The type of hardware you choose will depend on a multitude of operational preferences. The type of barcode you need to read, distance of the barcode, handheld or mounted to a forklift truck, operating system required, and the list goes on. Barcode-IT can provide you with a range of devices that fit your brief and leave them with you on site for testing, so that you can be sure the device is the right fit for your business. Below are the various categories of data capture device for you to explore, but if you need some assistance, please contact us for advice on 01200 441977.


Barcode Scanners


Mobile Computers


Mobile Computers for

Fork Lift Trucks



Cisco Meraki

Wireless Networks


Business benefits and increased efficiency

So why should you consider using barcode driven devices to manage your operations?


  • Fast and reliable data collection faster data entry: a barcode scanner typically can record data seven to ten times as fast as a skilled typist.
  • 10,000 times better accuracy, keyboard data entry creates an average of one error in 300 keystrokes. Data capture systems have an error rate of around 1 in 3 million.
  • Reduced labour costs - this is the most obvious benefit of data capture. In many cases, the cost savings pay for the entire data capture system.
  • Lower inventory levels - data capture is one of the best ways to reduce inventory levels and save on capital costs. Keeping a tight hold on inventory can save significant amounts of money.
  • Faster access to information - data capture goes hand in hand with better decision making. With better information, you can gain opportunities and get ahead of the competition.

If you have an idea for a data capture project within your business and need some advice or information, we will give you honest advice about the best fit solution for your business. Call us today to arrange a demonstration or for further advice.


Industrial Wireless Networks


The first thing to get right when installing any kind of data capture solution is your wireless network. Without a wireless network that adequately covers your entire operations, your data capture equipment will not perform as required and could cause your business more problems than benefits. As a part of our service, Barcode-IT will come to your site to perform a tailor-made Wireless Site Survey, using the data capture hardware you choose, so that you get the best coverage throughout your business. We recommend Cisco Meraki access points, which in our opinion are the only choice for industrial wireless networks. Find out more about setting up your Wireless Network correctly [here].


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