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Cert Octavian


Success Stories - Cert Octavian


When you are responsible for storing 8 million bottles of the world's finest wine 100ft underground in a converted stone mine, it is of vital importance to be able to find and account for each and every bottle at a moment's notice. To make this possible, Cert Octavian with the help of Barcode-IT, have implemented a sophisticated mobile solution to track and easily identify every bottle.


In June 2005, Cert Octavian were looking to enhance the fine wine storage solution at their Corsham Cellars and approached Barcode-IT with the idea of developing a mobile stock-taking and order picking system. The challenge came in trying to provide a mobile solution that could successfully cover the 1,000,000 square feet of underground, twisting tunnels cut into solid Bath Stone, which makes up the Corsham Cellars, as traditional WiFi connectivity was not an option.


"When you're managing 8 million bottles of fine wine, it is important to have a system that offers 100% accuracy. The Barcode-IT system ensures that our pickers are locating the correct wine and picking with 100% accuracy." - says Laurie Greer, Cellar Master at Corsham Cellars.

Cert Octavian - Corsham Wine Cellars

By November 2005, Barcode-IT had helped to develop and implement a mobile solution, which used barcodes and mobile terminals and printers to stock take and pick orders in the cellars. Using a WiFi enabled batch application, Cert Octavian are able to use mobile devices throughout the cellars, which connect periodically to the server transferring data back to the system.


Application Overview

Due to the nature of the underground store, it was not possible to use WiFi to have real-time communication throughout the site. To get round this issue, Barcode-IT developed a WiFi enabled batch application, which runs on mobile terminals with integrated barcode scanners and mobile printers.


The system works by using a WiFi "Hot Zone" near the warehouse office, which allows new orders and data transfer to occur between the Barcode-IT server and the mobile terminal via WiFi when operators walk into the "Hot Zone". As the operator enters the tunnels of the cellar to pick orders or locate wine for a stock take, the application enters batch mode, directing the operator to the next picking location for the current order without the need for constant WiFi connection. Picked orders and all the transaction data are then held on the terminal, until the operator returns to the "Hot Zone", whereupon the transaction information is automaticallyupdated to the Barcode-IT server.


Additionally, as each case of wine is picked, a transaction label is printed on a Zebra mobile label printer. The label is stuck onto the case, ensuring that each case is correctly routed when it arrives to the goods dispatch area.


Currently there are 650,000 cases of fine wine and over 130,000 single bottles of wine stored in the Corsham Cellars, making 8 million bottles in total. These wines are owned by customers from all over the world, but even when the wines are sold, they tend to stay at Corsham and are simply re-labelled by the Barcode-IT system to reflect new ownership.


How it started

Cert Octavian came across Barcode-IT, when searching the Internet for mobile solutions to improve stock takes and picking times within their Corsham Cellar. Following detailed discussions with Jim Southern, Cert Octavian chose Barcode-IT for the complex mobile data capture project at their world renown Octavian Vaults and a nearby above ground wine store at Colerne.


Cert Octavian are a leading provider in Premium Products Logistics and bonded wine storage. Cert Octavian offers a fine wine storage service directly to Private Collectors and Investors at their unique and world renowned Corsham Cellars, 100 ft below the hills of Wiltshire.

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