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Barcode Driven SAP Mobile Logistics


SAP eWM, WM and IM transactions can all now be driven using the latest mobile barcode devices to take your SAP ERP directly to your employees.


Barcode driven SAP warehouseSAP transactions can now be handled directly by the worker doing the task. Using the latest WiFi mobile hand held computers, workers can be directed to tasks and using barcodes on the products and on locations within the business can complete SAP transactions in real time, with instant update to SAP. This massively increases productivity, reduces errors and improves efficiency right across the business.



Why Go Mobile? Paperwork Overload! 


Go paperless with SAP Mobile Logistics.



SAP Paper based systems can cause all sorts of issues in the supply chain, from lost paperwork to unreadable handwriting


Mobile data is "Live"


Full traceability, greater accuracy and real-time updates into SAP




A mobile system driven by barcodes eliminates the need for paper and allows information to be updated in real-time and with 100% accuracy. Saving time and operator effort, as workers no longer need to return to the office to update the system and pick up new task details.



Let Us Help You Go Mobile


The decision as to which solution is right for your business really depends on your transactions you use in SAP eWM, WM or IM, but we can help you you understand and and show you how user friendly Mobile SAP Apps can be.. Barcode-IT specialise in providing the right hardware to facilitate SAP mobile logistics processes, however we leave the software to our partners at The Config Team.


SAP Mobile Logistics




Bring life to your workers tasks with meaningful information displayed in an easy to understand way


No more complex SAP screens, just relevant information for the task






Get More Information


Call Barcode-IT on 01200 441977 and we will chat through your requirements for both hardware and SAP mobile software. We will then work alongside our partners at The Config Team, to provide you with a fully integrated mobile solution for your supply chain.



Start your NEW Mobile Warehouse Journey Here!


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